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In this 2-part series, Samuel Robinson talks about “strength” – supernatural strength – strength that comes from God. He shares how to resist ministering in your own strength, how to guard the strength of anointing that God has put within you, and how to receive new strength during the season of waiting, so that you can thrive in your service for the Lord.


1. Guarding The Key To Your Strength

In this very inspiring and insightful application of Samson’s life (Judges 13-16), Samuel Robinson reveals Satan’s strategy to discover and gain access to the hidden key to each person’s particular strength of anointing, and then rob them of that strength. This teaching reveals how we can each protect our strength, and put ourselves into a position where we can receive new strength and cooperate with God’s plan to raise up a generation of deliverers for the nations.


2. Waiting On The Lord For Release

“Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength” (Isaiah 40:31). Do you feel that you are in a season of waiting? Have you received prophetic words over your life that have not come to pass? In this very practical teaching, Samuel Robinson reveals God’s true purpose for your season of waiting, shares three strategies for maximizing the benefits of your wait, and exposes the key to hasten the time of your release.


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